---- CURRENTLY 16% VAT IN GERMANY --- VALID UNTIL DECEMBER 2020---- "Boilie-Benz"- Boiliemachines are justified to designate the CE - Indication in Category 1 of European Standard - and they are also suitable for FOOD-PRODUCTIONS !

 Contollable Paste-Extruder:

Packaging and freight-costs on a pallet for our extruders is about the same like it´s by sending our Profi-Machines, it is depending on the delivery-adress 

please order in our shop on our german website, 

          to reach at www.boiliemaschine.de !

      or please send an email to: boilie-benz@boiliemaschine.de 

Extruder, contend about 60 ltr :       2175,63 €  +19% Vat = 2589.- €



- stronger engine
- contollable speed
- stainless steel
- much bigger gear/auger:


After several tests with common extruders we had decided to equip our extruder with a much bigger auger/gear, this causes a significant better input ! 

For strong pastes we choosed a better engine than normally usual. 

Certainly it´s possible to controll the speed of the sausage coming out by a high-quality speed-controller (Hitachi). 

Material is stainless steel, the outside and inneside polished