---- CURRENTLY 16% VAT IN GERMANY --- VALID UNTIL DECEMBER 2020---- "Boilie-Benz"- Boiliemachines are justified to designate the CE - Indication in Category 1 of European Standard - and they are also suitable for FOOD-PRODUCTIONS !


Why buy a Boilie-Machine or a Boilie-Gun ?

If you take everything into account, you will soon come to realize that there is nothing quite like a home-produced boilie for the enthusiastic and clever carp fisherman. This is also an economic fact.

Boilies are simply the best bait for carp, and when you make your own boilies, you will not only save money, but you will produce something of much better quality than most shop-bought ones.

The modern fishermen have bought the latest in high-tech equipment;  electrical bite-alarms, rodpods, bivies and the best reels and rods. However everyone knows, that  the bait (!)  is the most important part of carp fishing .

You choose the best weather / the most expensive high-tech accessoires / the best reels, rods / most suited location and so on -----> but in buying a substandard readymade boilie you risk fishing with an inferior bait ?

The production-costs for boilies are less than expected :                                                                 We have rolled a lot of different types of boilies for less than 3 - € / kg, and each single type of those caught much more fish than many well-known readymade boilies ...

Producing good boilies is much more cheaply than already is mentioned. Readys by "normal" quality are currently sold by about 7 - to 10 - €, sometimes up to 15€ per kg.

Selfmade-boilies, which costs are about  2,5o - 3,oo € per kg, can be compared to a readymade by at least 10 - € per kg.

This is a fact, please note :

Wages, social security contributions, business-costs, insurance, packaging, dealers surcharge, distribution, advertising, depreciation and other associated costs (such as heating, telephone, rent, etc. ..). 

All these costs must be added to the pure price of  ingredients. The price made by a seller of readymades may be ok, but you can save most of costs.

You can easily make a saving of 4.- to 8.- € / kg by producing selfmade boilies - and the quality is far superior !

In addition you can roll much higher quality of your baits - as high as you think it´s necessary !

After you have rolled about 150 kg with a medium-sized machine, you  have already deserved the price of your boiliemachine.  Up to then you get a profit of at least 5 - € per kg boilies you roll in future !  ---> In addition you are owner of a machine, which is only little to lose in value ...


  Most important - the paste !  

                    If you use a good paste, you can roll very round boilies.

The consistency of the paste is the most important part of boilieproduction.    Therefore is´s better to invest 10 minutes extra in mixing a good, soft and stable paste - because it is only then that your bait-production will run smoothly.

Sticky and oily/greasy mixes are not good to roll. The rolls of your boiliemachine might get slippery and loose "grip", so that the sausages will turn on the rolls for a long time.

Reasonable/balanced contents/liquids are no problem.                                       But it´s difficult for boiliemachines to "eat" the boilies, if you use too much oil or similar liquids/ingredients in your mixes. No boiliemachine all over the world can roll such pastes as quick as "normal" pastes.

The sausage diameter must be matched exactly with the rollers, only that way you can produce very round balls. This is not always as simple as it seems: If the sausage diameter is too thin, the boilies will look like rounded pellets, if it is too thick your boilies will look like eggs.                                                             Normally the diameter of sausages have to be about 2-4 mm thinner than the boilies you want to produce. But this is again depending on the diameter you want to roll and on the paste you will use.

       The most important part for rolling boilies is composing the paste !

Please note: We are selling all our boiliemachines in distance of footbridges / groove-diameters, because the mixes/pastes are different.                                  Nobody can guarantee the exactly end-diameters for thousands of different pastes, after cooking/steaming and after drying the boilies for a longer time.

for example:  Lenght of rollers = 48cm, 24 grooves, diameter = 20mm             Lenght of rollers = 48cm, 30 grooves, diameter = 16mm                              Lenght of rollers = 48cm, 34 grooves, diameter = 14mm                             Lenght of rollers = 48cm, 40 grooves, diameter = 12mm                                     Lenght of rollers = 48cm, 26 grooves, diameter = 18mm                                Lenght of rollers = 48cm, 22 grooves, diameter = 22mm                                Lenght of rollers = 48cm, 20 grooves, diameter = 24mm

(Brix-Machines are built a bit different to this system)                                           It´s not a big surprise that your boilies might increase in volume after cooking or steaming them, and they also might loose in volume (and weight) after drying them a longer period.                                                                                            Different pastes, containing different additives, certainly will bring different results



Here you can see some older pictures of how to produce boilies 2002 with the two types of our boiliemachines:


 Producing baits with a "4er Kombi-Benz": 


make a good, smooth dough, press and powder it with mix



form the dough-sausages on the left-hand side of the machine and make boilies with the right-hand rollers  



cook them and dry them ...




 Producing baits with a "2er Kugel-Benz": 


Make a good, smooth dough             Fill your boiliegun



Press the dough-sausages into the exact diameter required, for 16mm boilies make sausages in about 14mm. If the diameter of your sausages is exactly right, you get very round boilies !



Roll boilies and collect them in a tub, afterwords cook or steam them ...


                                  Here is the result:


Next picture you can see the result of a boilieproduction of December 06 with a Kugel-Benz-Machine. We used a noozle-diameter of 20 mm to producte these 22 mm boilies. Because our sausages always increase in size by approximately 2 mm in diameter after they come out of the nozzle. After a special "treatment" the boilies looked like this:


                                       Very attractive boilies !


 Please note :

If your boilies should not turn out as "perfect" round boilies, don´t worry !

Because that is what is not really important --> carps don´t want to measure your bait,  they just want to eat it ! 

This scenario will not happen :

Hmm, it tastes very well - but is this boilie really round !?      o



---> Thus it´s better to pay attention and ensure, that you always have very good, high-quality ingredients in your boilie-mix ...